"DON'T LOOK DOWN!" || EPH 4:10-12



As of the end of December, I (Tom) am going to be stepping down as the co-ordinator of Vertigo. The Vertigo team have decided that we should spend 2011 meeting up with youth workers from across Oxfordshire in order to rediscover what it is that people think Vertigo events should be looking to accomplish, and so we’re taking some time out as a core team to pray and try and work out the future direction of Vertigo.

Although we’ll still be meeting up with youth leaders across the county in that time, we feel it’s important to take a break from running events as usual and reflect on what God is currently doing across Oxfordshire and in the rest of the world…

We’ll be asking youth workers and young people about that, and so if you’ve got any thoughts on what Vertigo should be doing then please drop us an email on vertigooxford@gmail.com or leave us a comment on the website.

It’s been an exciting year working with the Vertigo team, even if occasionally rather hectic, and it’s certainly encouraging to see all that God is doing in Oxfordshire, in youth workers and in young people. I hope you’ve been encouraged by the past few events, too, and that you’ll join us at the start of 2013 when we’ll hopefully be back with a fresh vision and passion for what God is going to do next!

Grace and peace,




If you’re looking to get hold of tickets for the next Vertigo event on November 12th, you can do so in a couple of ways – the first is to ask your youth leader, who should have got some tickets from us already, or the second is to click the link below which will take you to our Paypal page.

It’s secure and it will prompt you for payment details and a postal address, after which we’ll dispatch the tickets to you. They’re £5, with a 75p postage fee.

It’s going to be a great night and we’re really looking forward to seeing you there at St Aldates Church. Why not invite a friend too?

Get your tickets here:


Yes, it’s that time of year again – the time when youth leaders from across Oxfordshire gather together to drink gallons of strong coffee, eat pastries and dream/muse/lament the state of youth work here. If you are a youth worker, whether paid, voluntary or trainee, we’d love to see you there, so why not come and join us at St Andrew’s Church from 10-12pm next Tuesday, 2nd October?

(And if not, but you think your youth worker might want to come, then please send them this link…)

It’ll be a great chance to meet other youth workers from across Oxfordshire, to bounce some ideas off like-minded people and to take some space and reflect on where you’re headed in the next term as well what God is doing among young people everywhere. Last time we met back in May, it was a really encouraging experience, and so even if you’ve not made it along before or you can only come for a little while, do stick your head round the door nonetheless.

If you’re planning on showing up and you’ve not let me know yet, drop me an email let me know by posting a comment below this so I can buy food, though!


Meet Superhero. They’re coming to play at Vertigo on November 12th at St Aldates, and the video below should give you some idea of what to expect…

Well, thank goodness that people know them for their music, eh?

Seriously, though, we’re really excited to have them joining us, and you can listen to their current album The Bicycle Thieves on Spotify. It’s pretty amazing.

Tickets from vertigooxford@gmail.com, or ask your youth leader. Don’t miss out.

>> NOVEMBER 12th

We’re currently in the process of organising our next event, which is going to be at St Aldates on November 12th.

With the band Superhero joining us on their world tour and with the mighty Chip K from thebandwithnoname speaking, along with potential collaborations from Youth Alpha, we’re hoping to see young people from all over Oxfordshire there as we link up with The “Battle for Your Soul” Tour.

We’ll be posting details over the next few months, but you should know this event is going to sell out – so if you want to hear some top-quality music in an accessible environment and have a place for your mates to hear the gospel presented passionately, clearly and powerfully, get your tickets soon!

Drop us an email at vertigooxford@gmail.com, or send us a comment on facebook, if you want tickets for yourself or for your youth group. Tickets are £5 and take it from us, this is one night you’re not going to want to miss.

Download a printable copy of the poster here.


It’s this Saturday.

7-9:30pm. The Kings Centre. Entry is £2.

Josh Gauton will be leading worship, Krish Kandiah will be speaking on “grace under pressure” and we’ll be gathering young people from all across Oxfordshire to work out what it means to live the life Jesus called us to when it gets to Monday morning.

Trust us, it’s going to be epic. Come, bring your friends, be equipped to witness to your school and see what God is going to do.

But don’t just take our word for it: we’ll see you on Saturday!

Don’t look down.

Tom and the VERTIGO team


Here at Vertigo, we’re passionate about equipping young people to talk relevantly about faith in their schools and churches. But we’re also very aware of how difficult that is – and so if you’ve ever struggled with talking to your friends about why you’re a Christian and what you believe, then you’re not alone!

Check out this great article by Krish Kandiah, who’s coming to speak at our next Vertigo, about some of the things that make talking about faith difficult (or terrifying) and some strategies on how to deal with them.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this too, and don’t forget to join us at Vertigo on July 9th to hear Krish speak and to maybe get the chance to talk to him in person if you have any other questions!